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“Dear Serena, I just wanted to thank you for saving our holiday! As you know, on the day before i was due to go away, i bent down to pick up some debris in the garden and my back suddenly seized. 

Fortunately, you were able to see me during that day and miraculously you managed to relieve the seizure in my back to such an extent that I was able to take my flight on the following day and take an active part in the holiday. You were so kind and considerate and I would recommend you to anyone.”

Mr P.G

“I can't thank Serena enough. I have had, over the past year, a severe shoulder problem which she has helped me with enormously. More recently she is getting me through back problems. 

Her treatment is effective and she talks you through the process, which is not only helpful, but relaxing. I absolutely recommend her.”

Mrs. B.D

"As a nurse and a mother, my back comes under a lot of strain so it was no surprise when I hurt my back carrying my three-year-old. I found that I was unable to stand up straight and spent a few days hobbling around looking like a very elderly lady, in excruciating pain.

I limped in to see Serena and was able to walk out! The next day my back felt so much better that I couldn't believe it. After a couple of sessions there were not even any remainder twinges.

I have seen a McTimoney Chiropractor before, but even I was surprised at how quickly Serena sorted my back. Thank you."

Mrs G.P

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